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Microbiology and Virology

Microbiological diagnosis

Medical microbiology is a science dealing with examining and diagnosing micro-organisms.

Establishing the presence of bacteria:

Directly: Slide microscopy
Culture: Incubation of possible pathogens in culture media
Antibiotic sensitivity
Indirectly: Antibody detection in blood


Virology diagnostics

Some viral diseases such as herpes simplex virus HSV, chickenpox and rubella in children can be diagnosed on symptoms alone. However, establishing a diagnosis based on laboratory test results increases accuracy, detects co-morbid conditions, shows treatment options and helps with infection control. 

Laboratory tests in virological diagnostics:

Establishing viral presence using antigens (Ag) by means of ELISA
Establishing viral genome during nucleic acid hybridization or PCR method
Establishing viral presence by isolation.